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Cold and Flu Remedies

The season of colds and flu is rapidly approaching. Since we are in a business where our voice is our business, it is critical that we know how to care for it when we are ill. Some of our good friends in voice-over and professional speaking have contributed these cold and flu remedies for you to use. Everyone is different, so we can’t guarantee these remedies will work for you – but they’ve been proven to work for many people, so they’re definitely worth trying. Use your own judgment in using these remedies. All of these suggestions are homeopathic or over-the-counter and non-prescription. These are submitted by Sheryl Roush, Carolyn Bercovitz, Paul Bean, James Alburger and others.


When you feel the first symptoms of a cold coming on go try using Zicam ( Zicam is basically zinc in a nasal gel formula. One squirt into each nostril every few hours at first symptoms can stop a cold dead in its tracks. Zicam has been shown to reduce cold symptoms and the duration of a cold up to 7 days. It’s available over the counter in most pharmacies. The Costco pharmacy has the best price I’ve found anywhere.

KLI Corp. distributes a wonderful throat spray called Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief: THE Solution for Dry Sore Throat and Hoarse Voice. You can purchase Entertainer’s Secret from KLI CORP, 1119 Third Ave SW, Carmel, IN 46032. Voice 317-846-7452 or 800-308-7452 Fax 317-846-1676. Visit their website at or e-mail at

Another throat care remedy is Throat Coat herbal tea by Traditional Medicinals. You’ll find it at Trader Joe’s and other health food stores.

Another good product available at Trader Joe’s is Grether’s Black Current Pastiles. Although not a cold remedy, these tasty lozenges will help to keep your mouth and throat moist and comfortable.

Paul Bean of Tucson, AZ, wrote: “Jim, I recently tried "Airborne" tablets. At the first sign of a cold, you pop one of these tablets into a glass of water, let it dissolve & drink it down. This was recently recommended to me by a friend & IT WORKS. "Airborne" is available @ Trader Joe's & most large chain drug stores.”

At first signs of a cold or flu, take Alpha CF immediately. This can still be effective in reducing symptoms even after a cold or flu has set in. Alpha CD is a homeopathic formula, which means you can’t have anything in your mouth for at least 15 minutes, except for water, before or after taking the remedy. Take 2 at first symptoms and let them dissolve under your tongue. Then take one every hour or so until you start to feel better. Taper off until you feel you are clear of symptoms.

Citrus seed extract. This remedy comes in both liquid form and tablets. Although the liquid works faster, it tastes horrible. For the tablets – take 2 at first symptoms, then one every few hours.

Alpha CF and Citrus seed extract can be taken together.

Drink large quantities of water, juice, chicken soup and herbal tea.


For sore throats – try ColdEze Lozenges – clinically proven to shorten the life of a cold

For respiratory and sinus conditions, try traditional homeopathic remedies like Traditional Medicine’s Echinacea Plus tea. The tea form of Echinacea seems to work better than the capsules or tablets.

For stomach aches, try plain chamomile tea. 2 cups should do the trick. Other alternatives include Acidophilus, Traditional Medicine’s Ginger Aid tea, and Tea for Digestion by Good Earth.

For infection – Goldenseal/Echinacea drops.

For constipation – try 1/3 cup oat bran cooked in 1 cup of water, drink lots of water. Can be added to oatmeal.

If you have other remedies you would like to share, please send them to: Best of luck on a speedy recovery.

Copyright © James R. Alburger - used by permission.
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